running woman

by Miss What's-Your-Name-Again?

Dear Other Sub,

When I found out we would be teaming today, I was a little concerned. But let us be clear: I did not, in fact, judge you for your turtleneck-under-a-polo-shirt, 80’s mom jeans and white tennis shoes thing you had going on. No. I judged you for the fact that you broke out into a run on the way to our classroom, and then urged me to follow, explaining breathlessly, “We don’t have much time!”

So, when you looked back to see that I wasn’t following (you gave me an encouraging, ‘come on!’ wave,) and I shouted, “I didn’t wear my running shoes, so I’m just going to walk,” what I meant was: “I’m Miss-What’s-Your-Fucking-Name-Again, I don’t run for no bitch.”


Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again?