playing favorites

by Miss What's-Your-Name-Again?

Dear Kid,

Below I have recorded the conversation we had today on the yard.  Please note that you are four years old.


Kid (that’s you) approaches Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again, who is leaning heavily into her palm, hoping that no one can tell she has closed her eyes behind her sunglasses.

Kid: Can I tell you something?

Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again: What.

Kid: You’re my favorite teacher.

Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again: (positive she has heard incorrectly) What?

Kid: You’re my favorite of all the favorites.

Miss What’s-Your Name-Again: (genuinely touched) … thank you.  Wow.  Hey, you totally just made my day.  You filled my bucket, kiddo.  Thank you.

Kid: Remember when we sang that bear song?!

Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again: (absolutely no recollection) Oh yeah, that was crazy, huh?

Kid gives Miss What’s-Your-Name-Again a big hug.

Kid: See you later, Kelsi.





Not Kelsi